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Asbestos Remediation
NHS Trust Facility

  Asbestos Remediation in Electrical Risers and Laboratory Ceiling Void at NHS Trust Facility

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Asbestos Remediation in Electrical Risers and Laboratory Ceiling Void at NHS Trust Facility

Project Brief

Ensuring a safe environment is paramount in healthcare settings. At an NHS Trust facility, the challenge was to remediate asbestos in electrical risers and a laboratory ceiling void. Engaged for this critical task, T&S Environmental embarked on a precise and meticulously planned project to remove, repair, and re-encapsulate asbestos materials, ensuring the safety of both the facility's staff and its patients.

Initial Requirements & Challenges

The presence of asbestos in the electrical risers and the laboratory ceiling void posed significant health risks. The project demanded a thorough inspection, removal of loose insulation dust and debris, and re-encapsulation of asbestos sprayed coatings in a highly sensitive and active environment. The live electrics and active healthcare setting posed additional challenges, necessitating a highly coordinated and carefully executed approach.

Investigation & Findings

A detailed investigation was carried out to ascertain the extent of asbestos contamination. The findings revealed the presence of asbestos requiring meticulous handling to prevent any contamination or health hazards. The live electrical systems necessitated additional safety measures to ensure a safe working environment for the remediation team.

Approach & Solution

T&S Environmental employed a tailored methodology to meet the unique demands of the project. The team utilized calico cloth for repair works, ET150 for re-encapsulation, and Class H vacuum cleaners along with Tak-Rags for cleaning. Detailed planning ensured that all operations were conducted safely around live electrics, and appropriate encapsulation and sealing were performed to prevent any asbestos exposure.

Navigating Challenges

The project was laden with challenges, including navigating around live electrics and ensuring zero disruption to the hospital operations. The precise removal and encapsulation of asbestos, along with rigorous cleaning of the affected areas, were imperative to meet the safety standards. The meticulously built enclosures and strict adherence to safety protocols ensured the safety and well-being of all individuals within the facility.

Outcome & Impact

The successful remediation of asbestos significantly enhanced the safety standards within the facility. The project demonstrated T&S Environmental's expertise in handling sensitive and complex asbestos remediation tasks, ensuring a safer environment for both staff and patients at the NHS Trust facility.

Timeframe & Constraints

The project required careful planning to ensure safety while adhering to a tight schedule. Despite the challenges posed by live electrics and an active healthcare environment, the project was executed proficiently within the stipulated timeframe, showcasing T&S Environmental's adeptness in managing complex projects efficiently.

Client Testimonial

"The professionalism and expertise displayed by T&S Environmental in managing the asbestos remediation were exceptional. Their meticulous approach ensured the safety of our facility, showcasing their adeptness in navigating complex challenges in a sensitive environment. We highly commend their services and would recommend them for any environmental remediation tasks."

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