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Contamination Project

  Expanding Solvent Recovery Plant, Garston, Liverpool

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Asbestos Contamination Project at Expanding Solvent Recovery Plant

Project Brief

Aiming for an expansion to comply with new recycling initiatives and stringent environmental policies, the industrial site in Garston, Liverpool faced a challenge with sporadic asbestos contamination. Engaged to ensure a safe redevelopment, T&S Environmental conducted thorough site investigations, orchestrated asbestos abatement, and upheld rigorous workplace controls during the excavation and construction phases.

Through methodical planning and adept execution, the hazardous asbestos was safely managed, paving the way for the vital expansion of the solvent recovery plant.

Initial Requirements & Challenges

The aspiration to extend the solvent recovery plant brought to light the presence of Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs), free fibres and fibre bundles in the site. The redevelopment demanded additional site investigations, site levelling, sub-ground structure excavation, and foundation piling.

The asbestos presence necessitated stringent workplace controls to prevent dust and fibre spread during the works, manage the likely discovery of more asbestos during excavations, and control all facets of waste handling and disposal.

Investigation & Findings

Upon meticulous site investigations, both licensable and non-licensable asbestos products were identified. The anticipation of encountering more asbestos during excavation and the need for appropriate waste disposal strategies were among the key challenges identified. Training was provided to excavator machine drivers to ensure safety and competency during the works.

Approach & Solution

T&S Environmental's solution was a combination of expert supervision, precise excavation, and asbestos segregation. Workplace controls like the creation of an exclusion zone, local dust suppression, and clear demarcation of transit routes for decontamination were implemented. A detailed plan for waste disposal was formulated, ensuring all asbestos materials were correctly identified, segregated, and disposed of adhering to the regulatory guidelines.

Navigating Challenges

Despite the extensive contamination and the complexity of the site, the project maintained an exemplary safety record. The meticulous sorting of excavated soils by T&S Environmental Supervisors was crucial in reducing both the client's costs and the environmental impact. The strict control measures confirmed the safety of all operatives, showcasing the expertise of T&S Environmental in managing asbestos-related challenges adeptly.

Outcome & Impact

The successful asbestos management facilitated the essential expansion of the solvent recovery plant, aligning with the client's environmental initiatives. The project underscored T&S Environmental's prowess in navigating complex asbestos abatement challenges, ensuring a safe and compliant redevelopment pathway for the client.

Timeframe & Constraints

Spanning 20 weeks from March to June 2022, the project saw a seamless transition through its phases despite the asbestos challenges. The meticulous planning and execution ensured that the redevelopment stayed on track, showcasing T&S Environmental's capability in managing time-sensitive and complex projects.

Client Testimonial

"We commend T&S Environmental for their exemplary work on the asbestos remediation at our Garston, Liverpool site. Their thorough investigations, adept handling of contamination, and training provisions for our staff ensured safety and project progression. The professional conduct and expertise displayed by their team significantly contributed to the success of our solvent recovery plant expansion. Their services are highly recommended for managing complex environmental challenges."

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