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Asbestos Abatement
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  Mixed-Use Building, Clerkenwell, City of London

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Asbestos Abatement in Mixed-Use Building

Project Brief

In the heart of London's Clerkenwell district stands a mixed commercial/residential building dating back to the late 1950s. The commercial segments of the building, extending from the basement to the first floor, bore a legacy of asbestos sprayed coating applied to ceiling soffits to offer fire protection to the residential apartments above. While past refurbishments had attempted to mitigate the asbestos concern, the new building owners sought a comprehensive asbestos removal solution.

Entrusted with this significant remediation task, T&S Environmental orchestrated a meticulously planned and executed asbestos abatement project across all three commercial levels of the building. Despite the complex nature of the asbestos containment and the ongoing occupancy of the residential apartments above, T&S Environmental navigated through the challenges to ensure a safe and asbestos-free environment, paving the way for future refurbishment projects.

Initial Requirements & Challenges

The primary challenge entailed the full removal of the residual asbestos sprayed coating adhered to the concrete soffits across all commercial levels. Access to the asbestos required removal of a protective calico cloth covering, alongside plaster finishes on structural beams and walls where overspray was identified. The casting process of the in-situ concrete soffit created recessed, ridged pockets, trapping both the asbestos coating and the bitumen adhesive, presenting additional hurdles to the removal and final certification process.

Investigation & Findings

A thorough examination revealed the necessity for employing controlled grit blasting techniques to ensure complete removal of the asbestos and adhesive materials. The distinctive nature of the concrete surface and the preceding containment attempts necessitated a meticulous approach to open up the recessed pockets for thorough cleaning and inspection, ensuring the issuance of a 4-stage certificate of reoccupation without any caveats.

Approach & Solution

A tailored methodology was developed to tackle the asbestos and adhesive removal while ensuring the structural integrity of the concrete slabs. The work was segmented and carried out in smaller enclosures to maintain control and allow for continuous access around the site for other contractors and visitors. Licensed scaffolding provided safe working platforms, and forced air grit blasting, known as quilling, was employed for the removal of bitumen and asbestos. Following the quilling, the recessed grooves in the concrete were broken out to allow complete cleaning and a thorough independent visual inspection.

Navigating Challenges

The residential occupation over the construction site, coupled with space constraints for waste storage and the complex nature of asbestos removal, demanded meticulous planning and coordination. Establishing temporary waste stores, managing noise levels, and ensuring the safety and security of unauthorised persons entering asbestos working areas were among the critical challenges adeptly navigated.

Outcome & Impact

Adhering to the highest standards of safety and quality, the project was delivered on time and hailed as a great success by the client's project team. The analytical inspection was carried out meticulously, with the 4-stage clearance signed off, rendering the building asbestos-free and ready for subsequent refurbishment endeavors.

Timeframe & Constraints

Spanning a period of 20 weeks from March to June 2022, the project's successful completion, despite the challenging asbestos product and the occupied residential apartments above, showcased T&S Environmental's capability in managing complex asbestos abatement projects effectively within a stipulated timeframe.

Customer Testimonial

"We enlisted T&S Environmental for asbestos abatement in our mixed-use building in City of London. Their team showcased utmost professionalism and expertise, ensuring safe asbestos removal in a timely manner. Despite the central location and the complex nature of the building, they managed the task adeptly with minimal disruption. Their adherence to safety regulations and clear communication made them an invaluable partner for this project."

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T&S Environmental excels in delivering professional asbestos removal services, ensuring safety and compliance throughout the project. Their expertise and meticulous approach guarantee a satisfying outcome, making them a reliable choice for asbestos management tasks.

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