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Public & Private Sector Asbestos & Removal Services

Delivering bespoke solutions for asbestos management, tailored to the unique regulatory and safety needs of both the public and private sectors.

Industry-Leading Expertise

Whether you're in the public or private sector, the challenges posed by asbestos are the same: it's a hazardous material that requires expert handling to mitigate health risks. Our services are designed to meet these challenges head-on.

We employ certified professionals who specialise in asbestos removal across various environments—be it governmental buildings, schools, or private residences. Using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques, we ensure not only the thorough removal but also the safe encapsulation and disposal of asbestos-containing materials. Our team is trained to adhere to all relevant safety guidelines and regulations, ensuring a risk-free remediation process.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Managing asbestos removal can be a financially challenging endeavor, whether you are a government body or a private homeowner. Our solutions are engineered to be cost-effective without compromising safety or compliance.

Our team of qualified experts work efficiently, using advanced techniques to minimise disruption and costs. We offer competitive pricing models that suit different budgets and project scopes, from large-scale public infrastructure to smaller private residences. Regardless of the size or complexity of the task, our aim is to provide high-quality service that adheres to all regulatory standards, thereby safeguarding both public health and your financial interests.

Rigorous Safety Protocols

The risks associated with asbestos exposure are well-documented and the implications for public health are significant. Whether we are working on a government facility, a school, or a private residence, safety is our top priority.

Our team of certified experts follows a set of rigorous safety protocols designed to meet or exceed regulatory standards. From initial assessment and air quality testing to secure encapsulation and final disposal, each step is carried out meticulously to ensure a risk-free environment. We utilise the latest safety equipment and continuously update our methods to align with emerging safety guidelines, ensuring that we are at the forefront of secure and responsible asbestos removal in both the public and private sectors.

Eco-Friendly Methods

Asbestos removal not only has implications for human health but also for the environment. Whether it's a large-scale public project or a residential removal, our commitment to eco-friendly asbestos abatement remains constant.

Our certified professionals employ state-of-the-art methods and technologies that minimise environmental impact. From using water-based solutions to reduce airborne fibers to leveraging advanced filtration systems, we are committed to eco-conscious practices. All removed asbestos materials are disposed of in accordance with environmental regulations, ensuring that they do not contribute to landfill issues or water contamination. With our eco-friendly approach, we aim to set an industry standard for responsible asbestos removal in both the public and private sectors.

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Services for the Public Sector

Cost-Effective Solutions
Cost-Effective Solutions

Government Buildings

We understand the unique needs and challenges associated with asbestos removal in government facilities. Our services are tailored to meet stringent public safety standards while staying within budget allocations. Our goal is to deliver uncompromised safety and quality at cost-effective rates, ensuring taxpayer money is utilised effectively.

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Expertise & Experience
Expertise & Experience

Educational Institutions

We recognise the critical importance of maintaining a safe learning environment for students and staff. Specialising in asbestos removal for educational institutions, our certified experts employ advanced methods and rigorous safety protocols. Our services are designed to minimise disruptions to the academic calendar while meeting the stringent regulatory requirements typical of the public sector.

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Safety First
Safety First

Healthcare Facilities

Understanding the imperative nature of healthcare environments, we prioritise safety above all. Our certified professionals strictly adhere to industry-leading safety protocols and public sector regulations, ensuring zero compromise on the well-being of patients, healthcare staff and our own team. We offer specialised asbestos removal services tailored to the unique requirements and sensitivities of healthcare facilities, aiming for minimal operational disruption while maintaining the highest standards of safety.

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Eco-Friendly Approach
Eco-Friendly Approach

Public Transport Infrastructure

Recognizing the critical role that public transport infrastructure plays in the community, we are committed to both safety and sustainability. Our certified professionals use eco-friendly methods and materials that comply with public sector regulations to effectively remove asbestos, minimizing both health risks and environmental impact. Our specialised approach ensures that disruptions to public transport services are kept to an absolute minimum, allowing for a smoother transition to a safer, asbestos-free environment.

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Eco-Friendly Approach
Eco-Friendly Approach

Public Housing

Understanding the unique needs and responsibilities associated with public housing, we prioritise both safety and environmental sustainability in our asbestos removal services. Our certified experts utilise eco-friendly methods and materials that align with public sector requirements, ensuring a comprehensive yet environmentally conscious removal process. This commitment allows us to transform public housing into safer, asbestos-free living spaces while minimizing environmental impact and conforming to regulatory standards.

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Services for the Private Sector

Cost-Effective Solutions
Cost-Effective Solutions

Commercial Buildings

We recognise the specific requirements and challenges associated with asbestos removal in commercial properties. Our services are customised to meet high industry standards, without compromising on safety or quality. We aim to offer value-driven solutions that maximise your return on investment, ensuring your business operations are as efficient and safe as possible.

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Expertise & Experience
Expertise & Experience

Industrial Sites

We understand the complexities and specific needs related to asbestos removal in industrial settings. Our certified experts utilise cutting-edge technology and rigorous safety protocols to ensure a safe and efficient work environment. Our services are designed to minimise operational disruptions while complying with industry-specific regulations and standards.

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Safety First
Safety First


We recognise the unique challenges of maintaining a safe and welcoming environment in retail spaces. Our team of certified experts prioritises customer safety and comfort, while adhering to rigorous safety protocols and regulations. We offer specialised asbestos removal services tailored to retail settings, aiming to minimise any disruption to your business operations while ensuring the highest standards of safety and compliance.

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Eco-Friendly Approach
Eco-Friendly Approach


We understand the unique demands of the hospitality industry, where guest comfort and safety are of utmost priority. Our certified professionals follow rigorous safety protocols and utilise eco-friendly methods to ensure a risk-free environment for your guests and staff. Specialising in asbestos removal for hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues, we aim to minimise disruptions to your business operations, ensuring a smooth transition to an asbestos-free setting without compromising the guest experience.

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Eco-Friendly Approach
Eco-Friendly Approach


We understand the importance of creating a safe and healthy living environment in private homes. Our team of certified professionals specialises in residential asbestos removal, utilising state-of-the-art equipment and eco-friendly methods. We strictly adhere to industry-leading safety protocols to ensure the well-being of your family throughout the process. Our aim is to offer a cost-effective, efficient service that minimises disruption to your daily life while ensuring your home becomes an asbestos-free, safer space to live.

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Our Process

Four Steps to Safe and Compliant Asbestos Removal

Initial Inquiry

Initial Enquiry

Reach out to us via email, phone, or our online form to discuss your asbestos removal requirements, whether you represent a public institution or a private organisation.

Site Assessment

Comprehensive Assessment

We'll schedule a site visit for a thorough evaluation to identify the presence and scope of asbestos. We'll then offer a detailed quote that complies with public sector procurement rules and private sector budgets.

Asbestos Removal

Regulatory-Compliant Asbestos Removal

Our certified team will carry out the asbestos removal process in strict adherence to governmental safety protocols and environmental regulations applicable to both public and private sectors.

Final Inspection

Final Clearance

We perform a comprehensive final inspection to certify that the area is asbestos-free and safe for occupancy, in compliance with all public and private sector standards.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

“We have been using T&S; Environmental for the last 9 years in support of emergency response to a Major Utilities Contractor. The service provided has been first class and 24/7 cover has been provided with no hesitation to attend tasks regardless of time of day, especially with the short notice that we give. A first class service is provided to both us and our Clients and we hope the relationship continues to go from strength to strength”

RSK Response

(Project Manager)

“I have used numerous asbestos removal contractors over the years carrying out refurbishment works for local authorities. Very few of these met our expectations as well as T&S; Environmental have. T&S; Environmental have never let us down, are happy to work alongside us, and always go the extra mile to provide us with the best possible service. In my opinion they are the best asbestos removal contractor in the business.”

Wates Living Space

Simon Bennett

“I want to say a MASSIVE THANKYOU to Tony Rees and Paul Dawkins of T&S; Environmental for their very kind and generous PPE and other donations to our NHS staff. It's good to see another local company in Tilbury stepping up to help our brave NHS staff to do their jobs safely.!"

Cllr Sara Muldowney


“We have developed a great partnership with T& S Environmental and their very good service is evident in all aspects of their work. T&S; service has been of the highest quality and their commitment to meeting demanding completion targets are equally impressive. The Hillingdon Hospital NHS Foundation Trust looks forward to a continued working partnership with T&S; throughout the coming year.”

Hillingdon Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Project Manager

“T&S; has been a part of our trusted business network for several years. We have utilised many of their services including; asbestos remediation, pigeon foul clean up and supply of DCU facilities. We work with many companies and manage many asbestos remediation works, T&S; are honest, reliable and trustworthy, they are quick to respond when needed and always willing to go the extra mile to assist where they can. Their expertise is only eclipsed by their helpful attitude. We look forward to continuing working with them in the future.”

LAB (UK) Ltd

James Dennis

"After working with T&S for a number of years, they provide a professional asbestos removal service. T&S go above and beyond to provide great customer service and tailored assistance to suit our requirements. The team have the best array of knowledge of the industry and can provide great guidance and options to best match your needs. Thank you for the ongoing assistance and advice."

Town & Country Housing Repairs

Emma Browning
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