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Empowering Trust With Our Accreditations

At T&S Environmental, we pride ourselves on adhering to the highest standards of professionalism and safety. Our accreditations reflect our commitment to delivering exceptional service while ensuring compliance with industry regulations. Explore our extensive list of accreditations below to learn more about our dedication to excellence.

Health, Safety, Welfare, Quality & Environmental Policy

Our comprehensive policy underlines our commitment to ensuring a safe, qualitative and environmentally responsible operational framework.

Health & Safety Policy

We prioritise the health and safety of all stakeholders, adhering to strict guidelines and procedures.

Environmental Policy Statement

Our Environmental Policy Statement manifests our dedication to sustainable practices and environmental stewardship.

Equality Policy

We are committed to promoting equality, diversity and inclusion across all aspects of our operations.

Sustainability Policy

Our Sustainability Policy reflects our pledge to responsible operations that consider the broader ecological and social impact.

Quality Assurance Policy

We strive for excellence in service delivery, ensuring quality assurance at every stage of our operations.

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

We are committed to operating in a socially responsible manner, contributing positively to the communities we serve.

General Data Protection Policy

We adhere to stringent data protection standards to ensure the confidentiality and security of our stakeholders' information.

Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking Policy

We are staunchly opposed to modern slavery and human trafficking, actively promoting human rights within our sphere of influence.

Rehabilitation Policy

Our Rehabilitation Policy outlines our approach to facilitating the rehabilitation and well-being of our employees post-injury or illness.

Smoke Free Policy

Our Smoke Free Policy promotes a healthy and safe working environment by prohibiting smoking on our premises and during our operations.

Corporate Manslaughter Policy

Our Corporate Manslaughter Policy outlines the measures in place to prevent fatal accidents and our response in the unfortunate event of such incidents.

Company Training Policy

Continuous professional development is crucial for our success and our Company Training Policy reflects our commitment to employee training and development.

Working at Heights Policy

We are committed to ensuring the safety of our employees while working at heights, as outlined in our comprehensive policy.

Anti Fraud & Bribery Policy

We maintain a zero-tolerance stance towards fraud and bribery, ensuring transparency and integrity in all our dealings.

Worksafe Policy

We promote a culture of safety and health by adhering to the Worksafe Policy, ensuring a safe workplace for all our employees and stakeholders.

Business Continuity Policy & Plan

Our Business Continuity Policy & Plan ensures that we remain operational and resilient in the face of unexpected disruptions.

Whistleblowing Policy Statement

We encourage an open culture where employees can report concerns without fear of retaliation, as detailed in our Whistleblowing Policy Statement.

Health & Wellbeing Policy

We are committed to promoting the health and wellbeing of our employees, fostering a supportive work environment for all.

Industrial Relations Policy Statement

Our Industrial Relations Policy Statement outlines our approach to maintaining harmonious relations between management and employees.

Hygiene Standards Policy Statement

Our policy outlines the hygiene standards maintained to ensure a clean and safe working environment.

Social Media Policy Statement

We have guidelines for the use of social media to ensure professional conduct and protect our company's reputation.

Fatigue Management Policy

Our policy addresses fatigue management to ensure the health, safety and well-being of our employees.

Anti-Facilitation of Tax Evasion Policy Statement

We are committed to acting professionally and ethically, including in our tax affairs, as outlined in this policy statement.

Prevention of Bullying, Harassment & Sexual Misconduct Policy Statement

We foster a respectful and inclusive environment, addressing and preventing any form of bullying, harassment and sexual misconduct.

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Our team is a blend of experience and professionalism in the asbestos and demolition industry. We devise cost-effective solutions while upholding the highest standards of health and safety.

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From proper waste removal, transportation and disposal to aiding in compliance with relevant legislation, we ensure your waste management plans are executed with precision and confidence.

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