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Terms & Conditions

Main conditions of acceptance of quotation

1. Acceptance of the quotation

Acceptance of the quotation includes the acceptance of the Terms & Conditions as follows. The quotation remains open for 30 days unless previously withdrawn. Thereafter, the quotation is subject to confirmation or adjustment by T & S Environmental Ltd, as applicable to any changes that were not made

known at pretender stage.

2. Asbestos survey in accordance with HSG 264

A minimum of a management survey carried out under the requirements of HSG 264 will be required before any removal works will be undertaken by T&S

Environmental Ltd (unless otherwise stated in writing). If refurbishment or demolition to be carried out a refurbishment / demolition survey MUST be carried out under the requirements of HSG 264 in order to fulfil our legal requirements before any removal works can be undertaken by T&S Environmental Ltd.

3. All works will require confirmation order from client

All works tendered for and secured will require an order in writing by email, letter or fax including the reference number used in the quotation, the specific site address and the value of the order in pounds sterling.

4. Additional works

Any additional work outside scope of original order will be deemed as extra work and a new order generated before additional works can commence.

5. CDM Regulations – Principal Contractor not T & S Environmental Ltd

Where asbestos removal works come under CDM regulations, it is the principal contractor/clients responsibility to provide welfare and toilets provision throughout the whole term of the contract. T & S Environmental Ltd will not expect their workforce to carry out their duties if any site does not meet the minimum Health, Safety and Welfare provisions as required by law. All requirements for F10 must be submitted and copy made available by the clients appointed competent person. Contact details for the Principal Designer, where applicable, must be made available at the initial tender stage and whether our documentation requires approval before works commence. Any requirements for pretender and progress meetings that are required to be attended by T & S Environmental Ltd during the duration of the contract, must be made known at the initial tender stage, so that sufficient resources and additional financial costs

can be accounted for.

6. Isolation of services

Where relevant and before any works can commence on site the client is to produce an Isolation of Services Certificate and Sign our Site Permit to Work Form

and/or Isolation Confirmation form. If live services are required to be left in situ and will impede the project, then the client must make suitable arrangements and incur the costs to facilitate trained and competent engineers relevant to the type of services, to assist in the safe and compliant undertaking of the works.

7. Power supplies on site

It the responsibility of the client to provide adequate source of electrical power (without repeated tripping of circuits) at 110v on site so that removal works can go ahead (use of Negative Pressure Units and ‘H’ Type vacuums), unless otherwise stated in the quotation. Also, T&S Environmental Ltd will require a 240v power supply to the Decontamination Unit (DCU), which is classed as static vehicle on site. No removal works can occur without adequate power supplies and

any delays will be chargeable – refer to Section 9.

8. Water supplies on site

It is the responsibility of the client to provide adequate water supplies at mains pressure, unless otherwise stated in the quotation. No removal works can occur

until the Decontamination Unit is up and working with adequate power and water supplies and any delays will be chargeable - refer to Section 9

9. Delays on site

Where delays are incurred due to unforeseen circumstances, which are out of our control, the time scale of the removal project will be adjusted accordingly. Where client is under time pressures and requires us to still meet our original deadline – the increased resources necessary to ensure this will be charged as an additional cost to the original contract and therefore will require a written authorization before additional works to commence. Where delays are chargeable to client on Site, T & S Environmental Ltd will charge £400 per Supervisor man day and £350 per operative per man day with a pro rata charge for part man days


10. Security on site

Client is responsible for security on site for out of hours. Any damage or loss of property will be charged appropriately to client.

11. Damages and re-decoration

During the Asbestos removal works small amounts of damage to decoration may occur from the use of spray glue and cloth tape. T&S Environmental will not be held responsible for fixing or re-decorating as part of our removal procedures unless stated otherwise within the quotation form. T&S Environmental Ltd shall take reasonable precautions and use reasonable endeavours to minimize damage to property, decoration including utilities and other sub-surface obstructions. If, notwithstanding such precautions, any such property is damaged, the cost of rectification shall be borne by the client. In the event that T&S Environmental Ltd encounters and/or damages any utility or sub-surface obstruction that was unknown or not so notified, the client shall indemnify and hold harmless T&S

Environmental Ltd from and against all consequences of such an event.

12. Air monitoring

Where air monitoring will be carried out, a UKAS accredited independent analyst will be used to carry out any necessary or legislative air monitoring required

e.g. 4 stage clearance and personal monitoring. If the client is appointing their own UKAS analyst, which is strongly recommended, this must be made known to T&S Environmental Ltd at tender stage and the appointed consultants requested to contact us to ensure communication channels are established. If appointed by client all relevant paperwork must be made available for our files. If for non-licensed works, it is the responsibility of the client to notify us at tender stage that

it will be required, so that we can price the works accordingly

13. Asbestos waste

All premises where asbestos waste is to be removed will have the required paperwork completed to ensure compliance with the Hazardous Waste Regulations

2005 and all asbestos waste will be transported using either sealed vans or asbestos skips to a licensed asbestos waste tip. Corresponding paperwork will be documented.

14. Payment terms

Payment terms are strictly 30 days from date of invoice. Late payments will be charged at 8% above Bank of England base rate under the ‘Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 2013’

15. ASB5 14-day or NNLW notification

All licensed works will require a 14-day ASB5 HSE Notification period to the relevant HSE Local authority before removal works can commence. Any requirements for waiver must be dealt with on an individual basis. All notifiable non-licensed works will require an ASBNNLW1 submission before works can


16. Client Pack – completion of works & invoice paid

On completion of asbestos remediation and successful air monitoring, site copy of air monitoring (4 stage re-occupation certificate) will be issued to client on site and the client will sign project completion form stating they have received site copy of air monitoring. All documents are protected as part of our GDPR policy and we expect all clients apply their own privacy policies accordingly.

On receipt of payment for invoiced asbestos remediation works, we will then issue a final client pack containing copies of Plan of Works, ASB5, site pack completed by site supervisor (all required daily & weekly paperwork), copies of company certificates, employee training certifications, plant & equipment certificates, all air monitoring certificates and copies of all hazardous waste consignment notes.

T&S Environmental Ltd, Registered office: 9 Palmers Avenue, Grays, Essex, RM17 5TX, Company No. 05636415