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Asbestos Remediation
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  Abingdon Waste Transfer Station, Oxford

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Asbestos Remediation

Project Brief

The Abingdon Waste Transfer Station in Oxford, a significant portal framed facility, was necessitated to cease operations following a routine risk assessment that unearthed damage to asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) within its premises. Faced with the crucial task of remediation, T&S Environmental was entrusted to helm an industrial-scale asbestos removal initiative.

Despite confronting extensive contamination and operational hurdles, through meticulous planning and precise execution, the project ensured the safe re-occupation of the facility. This initiative not only addressed a paramount safety concern but also nurtured a trustworthy partnership with the client, embodying T&S Environmental's adeptness in navigating intricate remediation challenges and delivering satisfactory outcomes.

Initial Requirements & Challenges

This mission was twofold: firstly, addressing the significant damage to the existing asbestos panels which deemed the building unsafe for standard use until the considerable loose debris was eliminated. Secondly, the scope of T&S Environmental’s work encompassed the removal of asbestos panelling lining the internal walls and ceilings throughout the storage area, necessitating a robust scaffold system for safe and complete access to all work heights, alongside supporting the airlocks and extract fan units.

Investigation & Findings

A comprehensive survey laid bare the scale of work and the hurdles in devising a practical, safe solution for the licensed removal project. The extensive contamination from damaged asbestos debris not only jeopardized the safety of the Transfer Station staff and visitors but also posed a distinctive safety challenge for all operatives engaged in high-level work while adorned in full-face masks.

Approach & Solution

Scaffold Design and Enclosure Construction: A pivotal component of the solution was crafting a scaffold system in three segments, with a working platform at 8 metres. The scaffold design catered to the installation of airlocks and extract fan units on each scaffold lift level and supported the weight of polyethylene enclosures to prevent undue stress on tape seals.

Asbestos Removal Techniques: Methodical asbestos removal methods, inclusive of shadow vac techniques and cautious handling of panels to avert breakage, stood central to the approach. Further, powered access and lifting platforms were instrumental in ensuring safe and efficient removal, handling, and disposal of asbestos materials from elevated levels down to ground level for final disposal.

Navigating Challenges

The rigorous licensing conditions for removal works, coupled with the sheer scale of contamination, dictated the engagement of a scaffold contractor with an HSE License for asbestos removal. Moreover, the handling of large, heavy panels, and the necessity for powered platforms to be sealed in polyethylene to forestall fibre ingress into internal machinery and motors, presented unique challenges that were adeptly navigated through meticulous planning and adherence to safety protocols.

Outcome & Impact

The fruition of the project was a fully cleaned and decontaminated facility, with an independent analyst affirming the thorough removal of all asbestos, dust, and debris. The exhaustive visual inspection and succeeding air testing attested to the successful remediation, facilitating the facility's safe re-occupation. The high standard of safety compliance and quality of work rendered by T&S Environmental not only garnered acknowledgment from the Client but also led to the award of additional projects across their Nationwide estate portfolio.

Timeframe & Constraints

The exigency for a swift yet safe remediation, amalgamated with the meticulous licensing conditions and high-risk nature of asbestos disturbance, commanded a focused and timely approach. Through assiduous planning and execution, the project was completed successfully, reinstating the building for safe normal use and occupation.

Customer Testimonial

"The commendable adherence to safety protocols, timely delivery, and high-quality work by T&S Environmental have not only resolved a critical safety issue at our facility but also fostered a dependable partnership. The professionalism and thoroughness exhibited by T&S Environmental are laudable, establishing them as a reliable asset for our nationwide operations. The successful remediation at the Abingdon facility has set a robust precedent for future collaborations."

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T&S Environmental excels in delivering professional asbestos removal services, ensuring safety and compliance throughout the project. Their expertise and meticulous approach guarantee a satisfying outcome, making them a reliable choice for asbestos management tasks.

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