T&S Environmental RoSPA Awards History


The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents ( RoSPA ) have been tirelessly working for over 100 years to improve the safety of the British Public and Workforce.

Every year they award businesses that have shown excellence in the field Health and Safety within the workplace.

T&S Environmental have now been awarded by RoSPA for 7 consecutive years, culminating in a Gold Award in 2018.

As an organisation we are incredibly proud of this achievement as it exemplifies the dedication T&S Environmental have towards, industry leading site management and best practice in the Asbestos Removal industry in general.


RoSPA Gold Awards 2015 – 2018





RoSPA Silver Awards 2012 – 2014




T&S Environmental are extremely proud of our RoSPA progression over the past 6 years, to achieve a Gold Award for 3 consecutive  years is a significant achievement which demonstrates our organisations commitment to quality work practices within the construction industry.

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