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T&S Environmental are based in Thurrock, Essex.

This location on the London / Essex border and situated adjacent to the Dartford Crossing on Junction 29 of the M25 affords T&S Environmental superb transport links to the entire South East region and the United Kingdom as a whole.

T&S Environmental have completed Asbestos Management Projects and Demolition Works the length and bredth of the Country.

As one of the most qualified, accredited ( Please check our accreditations here ) and experienced Asbestos management companies in the country, our skills are constantly in demand by Local Authorities, Central Government Bodies, Large Building Contractors and Large Corporations who need Asbestos solutions delivered on time and on budget, whatever the scale.

So irrespective of your location T&S Environmental would like to hear from you and help you to bring whatever works you require, to a swift and cost effective conclusion.

We offer a wide range of services outside of Asbestos Management and can be your natural partner for large scale demolition and soft strip projects.



T&S Environmental have successfully concluded over 200 projects in London alone.

Our wealth of knowledge of the City and proximity to it, affords us the ability to complete all London based projects within strict time scales and budgets.

Being the preferred Asbestos contractor of choice with many of London’s Local Authorities speaks volumes as to our professionalism and dedication to safety and cost management.

Please view some of our previous work here to better understand the vast scope of works which T&S Environmental complete on a regular basis.

Working in London obviously provides unique challenges which T&S Environmental have overcome time and again.



T&S Environmental have been serving the Essex Asbestos removal and management market for over 15 years.

We have completed works ranging from the removal of small numbers of floor tiles all the way to entire building demolitions & waste disposal.

Being based in Essex allows T&S Environmental to keeps costs low whilst not compromising on safety or service.

T&S Environmental are instructed on a regular basis to perform works for many Essex based Councils and Local Authorities who recognise the superior level of service and efficiency that T&S Environmental provides which speaks volumes as to our reputation in the area.



Our base of operation is adjacent to the QE2 Bridge and gives T&S Environmental the perfect location to conduct projects, of whatever size, in Kent.

Over the past 15 years the amount of work we carry out in the county has increased significantly.

Being fully licensed, insured and accredited and having performed many large scale Asbestos Removal and Disposal projects in Kent over the past few years, T&S Environmental offer the ideal solution to Asbestos and demolition challenges facing Local Authorities, Housing Associations, Building Contractors and Companies in the Kent area.

Our recent acquisition of a prized “ROSPA Gold Award” demonstrates our commitment to outstanding health and safety procedures within our field, allowing our clients peace of mind when selecting us as they’re next Asbestos management partner.

United Kingdom


T&S Environmental have the resources, expertise and manpower to conduct extensive Asbestos related and demolition works across the entire country.

Central Government Agencies and Local Government Bodies need to use contractors such as T&S Environmental who can demonstrate excellence in they’re field.

Being fully licensed, insured and accredited over and above the standard demanded from most Public organisations means our services have been called upon all over the UK.

Our significant experience in our fields of operation means we can offer swift and cost effective solutions to even the most demanding and complex of projects.

Where ever you are based and whatever the problem, do not hesitate to contact T&S Environmental to discuss your challenges further.

T&S Environmental have the best interests of our clients at the heart of everything that we do, for any queries you may have regarding Asbestos Removal, Demolition or any of the other services we offer, please call our office on 01375 398768 and we will gladly assist. If you are viewing this page outside of office hours then contact via our contact form and we will be in touch the next working day.


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